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About MINT

T H E   S T O R Y

From the moment you make an appointment to the moment you check out, every moment you spend with MINT has been tested, redefined and refined to heighten your enjoyment, vanquish your fear and reduce your expense of coming to the dentist.

As you sit in luxury leather massage chairs wearing MINT sunglasses listening to Beats Headphones, with a team of dentists and hygienists ensuring comfort, health, and perfection, you will be wondering why it took so long for you to try MINT out.

We hire only the most talented artists – true Cosmetic Dentists – and then train them to MINT’s exacting standards.  MINT dentists have been named “Best Dentist in Dallas,” and “Best Dentist in Houston” by the International Academy of Elite Cosmetic Dentistry the last two years, named “Best Family Dentists” by Consumer’s Choice the last two years, recognized by Living Magazine as “Outstanding Dentists”, recognized by Modern Luxury Dallas and Modern Luxury Houston as “Elite Doctors” and have garnered numerous other accolades from countless other sources.

MINT dentistry took the industry over with our expertise in General and Cosmetic dentistry. The year after MINT opened, Dr. Harrison, the founder and CEO, invented a procedure to lengthen teeth in conjunction with veneers (lengthening teeth is needed for patients with short teeth, gingiva overgrowth, or smiles with too much gum showing).

What used to be a painful 8-week recovery, and an expensive trip to a specialist, became a minor 2-day inexpensive procedure, with less pain and more predictable results. It totally changed the game in Cosmetic Dentistry. As friends started telling friends, MINT exploded with patients, and is still exploding throughout Texas. In order to learn the procedure, a dentist needs to be hired at MINT. And in order to be hired at MINT, you need to have the potential to be one of the best dentists in world.

After revolutionizing Cosmetic Dentistry, we then reexamined every technique in General Dentistry, which is very technique sensitive. We questioned everything, and tried every material and technique on the market because we wanted our patients to have the best. As MINT grew, we focused on reducing complication rates. Most dental offices strive to achieve a 10% complication rate. MINT has succeeded in achieving a 1/1000th complication rate by developing the MINT Standards of Dentistry. These Standards specify our materials and our new techniques that we train dentists to use (it’s our secret sauce).

MINT offers you dentists who work as a team (we invented this as well), extraordinary prices, and an insurance department that handles everything. Plus incredible payment plans and industry changing techniques. All this to be said you have to experience MINT dentistry to appreciate it, because it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.


Tish raves about MINT South Arlington.

I love this office! Tram has been consistently professional and contunues to ensure i am well educated about my oral health.


Jacqueline recommends MINT to anyone.

The front desk staff is very friendly and made me feel comfortable. The office is clean and with relaxing atmosphere. I’ve always been nervous about dentist appointments but after talking with Juliette I felt more relaxed and excited about my cleaning and treatment. She is very friendly and patient. After this visit I will definitely be back and I would recommend MINT Dentistry to anyone! Thanks


Curtis says MINT is the best dentist.

MINT dentistry is the best dentist around town.The have great customer service and they also have the nicest facilities around.I love the way the make my smile better every time i go.Also they have the best prices



Le’Brittany had an amazing experience at MINT.

I had an amazing experience at MINT Densitry this morning. When I came in the receptionist greeted us with a warm smile professionalism. My hygienist Tiffany was extremely kind and helped ease the stress upon taking my impressions.


Toya says MINT is different.

This dentist office is so different…..A very pleasant and comfortable experience….Dentist is very knowledgeable….


Hailey says MINT is best dentist she’s been to.

MINT dentistry was the best dentist I’ve ever been to. They were very polite and wanted to make sure you had the best experience. Tram was my dentist and if recommend her.



Paul recommends MINT for any dentistry work.

Had my 6 month routine cleaning and it was great. Ms. Tram did a great job cleaning my teeth and did not cause any pain at all. She was very knowledgeable and advised me to change my brushing and flossing routines to address some of the problem areas that accumulated some buildup. The staff was very courteous and professional. They made sure my questions and concerns were addressed. I highly recommend MINT Dentistry if you’re in need of any dentistry work.


Elissa’s cavity was treated the same day.

Everyone I came in contact with here was friendly and helpful. They took care of a minor filling right away so I didn’t have to reschedule.


Amber loved her teeth cleaning.

I really enjoyed my experience here, the staff was super friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend coming here. Rebecca was my hygienist, she did an awesome job and was really sweet!